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In Conversation with Madman Entertainment

It's no secret that Madman Entertainment are at the top of their game, having announced last month that they plan to buy back the company from brand licenser, Funtastic.

Paul Wiegard co-founded the company in the bedroom of a share house and, with Nick Batzias as Head of Production, now proudly showcase the best in collectable and special interest genres including Australian film, world cinema, TV, kids content, Anime, sports and more. Put simply, Madman is mad for entertainment.

The move away from Blu-ray and DVD to digital delivery left many distributors unable to find new ways to stay afloat in the rapidly changing media landscape. But the mad boys from Melbourne are "excited and full of possibilities." So, how do they do it?

Join Matt Deaner as he chats with Head of Production Nick Batzias and Co-Founder Paul Wiegard about the mad world of distribution and what's currently happening in the marketplace.

Madman is a leading independent film and television distribution and rights management company, with offices in Australia and New Zealand housing more than 100 staff. Madman is renowned for its commitment to quality Australian and foreign film, factual content, as well as highly collectable categories such as Japanese anime, genre film, animation and cult television.  Madman's capabilities encompass end to end acquisition, marketing, creative, sales and distribution in all mediums and formats, from the silver screen to the digital realm.  Madman is also a proud producer of Australian film and television content. Put simply, Madman is mad for entertainment.
Current output arrangements are in place with Cartoon Network, SBS and Studio Ghibli. Upcoming Australian films include PARTISAN, BACKTRACK and SUGAR.
Recent successes and acquisitions include THE TRIP TO ITALY, THE TURNING, BLACKFISH, NICK CAVE : 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH

DATE: Wednesday, 7 May 2014
TIME: 8.00am to 9.30am
VENUE: Trunk, 275 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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Current Board member: Funtastic Ltd, Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Aust. Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA) & VP – Aust Independent Distributors Ass (AIDA). Executive Produced films Balibo, Save Your Legs, The Turning & The Hunter.

Madman is a leading independent distribution and rights management company for film and television with offices in Melbourne & Auckland. An integrated business structure established on four key commercial pillars: Theatrical Distribution, Physical Media (DVD & Blu Ray), Digital and Ancillary sales.

Nick has been a participant in the film industry for most of his life, and a professional for the last 10.

At Madman Entertainment, Nick works both in the assessment, acquisition and programming of films for Australia and New Zealand.

Nick is a regular attendee of key Australian and International markets and he has worked across the release of over 400 feature and documentary films across various rights exploitation.

He has produced and executive produced both documentaries and narrative features, and in addition to his role in Licensing and Acquisitions at Madman, he is also Head of Production. The current MPC slate includes projects for TV and Web in addition to feature narrative and documentary films.

Matthew Deaner is our Executive Director. Matthew sits across all aspects of Screen Producers Australia's advocacy work, industrial negotiations, events and operational issues. He also works closely with our Council to set the strategic direction of the organisation as well as identify and execute new business development opportunities.