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Screen Producers Australia goes live!

The Top Offset Issues Master Class will now be Live Streamed nationally from Fox Studios Australia.

What are the Top Offset Issues and why are they critical to your financing plans? Are you familiar with the implications of the recently revised Screen Australia Offset Guidelines? Facing decisions as to what strategies and pathways are best? Concerned about what Screen Australia or the Ministry for the Arts will accept?

If you are planning to access the Producer Offset or the PDV Offset, and need to get it right, this high-level Master Class is for you. Join Screen Producers Australia and Holding Redlich for tips and insights from a panel of experts, complete with handouts and shared case studies.

As part of our ongoing commitment to keep members up to date, this Master Class is an invaluable briefing on a complex and ever-changing field. Cash flow, financing and deal making are all reliant on getting Offset applications right. Through a combination of case studies, Screen Producers Australia handouts and presentations, and Q&A, you will walk away with the inside running on the Producer Offset and PDV Offset applications.

Panelists include: Sonia Borella (Sydney), and Dan Pearce (Melbourne), from Holding Redlich; high-level input from the Ministry for the Arts and Screen Australia; prominent post-house, Cutting Edge; as well as tax advisors and producers.

Join this expert panel revealing the how-to-secrets behind the Top Offset Issues. Hear the lessons learnt and golden tips from those in the know and, importantly, the financing deals facilities houses and producers use to navigate the challenges thrown up in multi-party international negotiations. Do not miss this opportunity to unravel the complexities of a high-level, high-value topic.

Who should attend? 
Producers and production executives, media and entertainment Lawyers, Financiers, Accountants, and filmmakers 


  • Sonia Borella, Partner, Holding Redlich
  • Michele McDonald, Acting Senior Manager, Producer Offset and Co-production, Screen Australia
  • Marcus Bolton, Head of Post Production, Cutting Edge
  • Elle Croxford, Business Development Features & Television, Cutting Edge
  • Kim Brunoro, Assistant Director, Ministry for the Arts (Sydney class)
  • Plus Case Studies in deals and post strategies

Tuesday 22 March 2016
TIME: 2.00pm to 4.30pm
VENUE: Streamed Live

Members: $50 | Non-Members: $120

This is a live streamed event. All participants in this event will be emailed a unique link to view the class the day beforehand.

This event has now closed for sales.

Cancellation Policy: Unfortunately there are no refunds available.

Please note: American Express is not accepted.


Lauren is a chartered accountant with a creative arts degree. Working in the arts made it clear that accounting was the career path where she could best help creatives to make a living from doing what they love. In her six years at Generate, Lauren has worked with individuals and businesses in film, television, music, marketing and theatre, across taxation, structuring and business planning. She gets most enjoyment out of teaching clients how to better understand the financial aspects of their businesses by explaining concepts without accounting jargon. Of particular interest to Lauren is taxation across international borders, and she is currently studying a Masters of Taxation (International) at UNSW. She is on the board of Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society.

Michele is currently the Acting Senior Manager of the Producer Offset and Co Production Unit (POCU) where she manages the operation of the Producer Offset and Co Production Programs.  

She has worked within the POCU as the Program Manager since the early days of the Producer Offset in January 2008.

Her role involves creating and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the smooth operation of the Producer Offset program, and assessing applications for Producer Offset certificates and Co-production approval. Prior to this role Michele worked in the Investment team at the Film Finance Corporation and has previously worked at HLA Management.

Marcus’s career spans over twenty five years in the Australian film, television and advertising industry as a senior compositor, post production manager and visual effects supervisor.

His experience as a VFX and on-set supervisor and technical director for numerous television series and films means he can offer clients an unrivalled expertise in technical post production and VFX from concept stage through to delivery to cinema or air.

Marcus worked with the Omnilab group for more than 10 years and has worked on many local and international projects and added a few awards to his trophy cabinet!

In the last 6 years Marcus has moved to heading up the Digital Pictures Sydney team and more recently joining EFilm together with Digital Pictures to create DDP Studios.

Marcus now has the pleasure of representing an amazing offer of Visual Effects, Design, Colour, Edit and Sound under his new role of Head of Post Production Cutting Edge Sydney.

Elle Croxford develops opportunities with existing and potential clients for feature film, television and documentary production. Elle has enjoyed a wide-ranging career, nationally and internationally, in the film & television industry, state & local government, and the creative industries. Elle has over twenty years’ experience in the film and television industry; specifically working in marketing Queensland and attracting international and national projects to Queensland. Based in Cutting Edge’s national office in Brisbane, Elle focuses on collaborating with filmmakers, studio and network executives in Queensland and Los Angeles. Elle’s aim, like Cutting Edge’s, is to find creative solutions to help filmmakers from inception through production & post, and beyond release.

Kim Brunoro is an Assistant Director in the Screen Industry section of the Australian Government’s Ministry for the Arts, Department of Communications and the Arts. The section provides advice to Government on screen policy and has responsibility for administering the Location and Post, Digital and Visual Effects offsets. Kim has worked in arts and cultural management for over 20 years in various Commonwealth departments and agencies. Her areas of responsibility have included the development and oversight of legislative schemes, funding program management, agency governance and most recently the review of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986.

Sonia is a partner based in the firm’s Sydney office. She works for clients in the media, entertainment and advertising industries. Her core areas of practice are intellectual property, corporate and commercial law, competition and consumer law, information technology law and regulatory compliance in the media, entertainment and advertising industries.