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SPA Commends Ian Booth’s Transformation of Screenwest

Screen Producers Australia commends the decade of significant industry development and expansion achieved by Screenwest, CEO, Ian Booth, who will be leaving the helm at the end of the year.

Under his tenure, Screenwest has embraced innovation and transformation and supported a progressive Western Australian screen industry that has secured traction domestically and internationally.

“Ian Booth’s vision for the Western Australian screen sector over the last ten years has yielded impressive results for the industry as a whole and has set a benchmark in growth and innovation for the sector,” Screen Producers Australia Matt Deaner said.

“We at Screen Producers Australia thank Ian for his outstanding work in accelerating the development of the industry. His leadership has resulted in driving production values in Western Australian from $22 million to $69 million. We have also seen many of our member production companies grow and become successful under Ian’s tenure. Ian also needs to be applauded for his support for the emerging sector” he added.

Significantly, Ian has guided the agency’s structural transition to a not-for-profit structure which allows for greater collaboration across a wider and diverse range of organisations.

“Ian has also excelled as an advocate for the industry and WA screen producers internationally assisting to establish many new regional opportunities through Asia, particularly Singapore and China, and deepened ties with established markets in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe,” Deaner said. 

A search for a new CEO will be underway in coming weeks.

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